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Padma Shri Sardar Jagjit Singh Hara
Padma Shri Sardar Jagjit Singh Hara was born at village Nandpur, District Ludhiana in an average family of farmers. He hails from a tribe of hardy ploughmen who toiled for generations and transformed the sandy and arid lands of rain-fed tracts of north-eastern Malwa region of the Punjab into blooming green fields. This sea-change earned a significant recognition for the toilers and the tillers of agricultural lands as that of 'Hara', meaning 'green'. The true tale of Mr. Jagjit Singh is linked with destiny and devotion to work. It is a story of luck on one side and that of hard work going parallel to it. Destiny unfolds a series of progressive destinations, honest in-put as work adds to worthiness.

Agriculture in India witnessed a revolution with the development of coral colonies in the waste lands in Punjab under the British Raj. The sturdy peasants of Punjab were ably guided by the science-oriented specialists and trained experts. One such genius was Sardar Bahadur Lal Singh (Hara) real uncle of Mr. Jagjit Singh.

It is relevant to state that Sardar Lal Singh held many high offices of distinction, especialy in the field of agriculture. He took over as Director of Agriculture in 1947 after the partition. He rehabilitated the Govt. Agricluture College at Ludhiana. This great son of Punjab and wise man of India outstands in the history of Horticulture Revolution.



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